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Section:                       5.0       Service Provision

Policy:                         5.6       Victim Complaints 


VSRC shall provide and make accessible a process to encourage the resolution of complaints relating to the rights of victims. No victim shall be penalized for lodging a complaint.


Victims who wish to complain about the actions of an employee or volunteer should direct their complaint to the ED.

If the ED’s response to the complaint is unsatisfactory, or if the complaint is about the ED, the victim should then direct their complaint to the Executive of the Board of Directors.

Victims who wish to complain about the actions of a Board member should direct their complaint to the Executive of the Board of Directors.

If the complaint concerns a member of the Executive, that member shall remove themselves from the Executive discussion of the complaint.

The decision of the Executive of the Board of Directors shall be final.

Complaints should be documented and signed.  VSRC representative hearing the complaint should assist the victim with placing the complaint in writing if necessary.

All information concerning a complaint is confidential. Only parties involved in resolving the complaint should have information about the complaint. Documentation will be filed in the ED’s office, not in victim files. (Unless the complaint is about the ED in which case the documentation will be held by the Board).

No victim shall be penalized or have their access to services affected by accessing the complaints process.

Information about this policy and copies of the complaint forms should be widely accessible to all victims.


Section:                       40.0       Service Provision

Policy:                         A       Bilingual Services 

The services provided by Victim Services of Renfrew County are offered to the extent possible, in both official languages. VSRC is committed to having sufficient bilingual staff and volunteers to meet operational needs.

The French Language Services Act (1986) (FLSA) guarantees an individual's right to receive services in French from Government of Ontario ministries and agencies in 25 designated areas. The County of Renfrew has areas that are designated.

In accordance with the French Language Services Act, Victim Services of Renfrew County Inc has adopted this policy to ensure:

1. the same service standards are offered in French as in English.
2. all communications materials, including forms, letters, and brochures, are available in  
both languages
3. a victim is offered services in their preferred language (English or French.)

 If a client is not satisfied with the provision of services in the official language of their choice a complaint may be made in writing, by telephone, or in person to the Executive Director. When lodging a complaint, complainants are requested to provide as many details as possible (in which language you did not receive service; date, time, and location of the relevant incident; service or program in your view which did not respect your linguistic rights; and a brief description of the incident). In the event that the measures taken by the Executive Director are not to the client’s satisfaction, a complaint can be made to the Board of Directors for further investigation.

Complainants are advised that they are not required to identify themselves when lodging a complaint and they shall remain anonymous throughout the complaint resolution process. 

Victim Services of Renfrew County is located on unceded Algonquin territory.

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